Monday, October 10, 2011

Das Beer Sign

Q: I have this awesome old beer sign (for Schlitz, ohh yeaaa) and well, the cord for the plug has been cut through. Would it be easier to replace the 40 some odd years old cord, or just splice and reconnect/tape it? - K

A: It would be best for safety reasons and aesthetic reasons to replace the entire cord. This way it will be new and clean without any splices, tape, or weak spots. Plus, the cost will probably be about the same. Splices are not ideal when dealing with electricity and it is best to always have a solid piece of wire between connections. It may be a little more difficult to get the cord out of the sign, but probably not too difficult and your efforts will be worth it with a proper repair that will last. You can get those cords at any hardware store, and if you end up needing help putting it together, just let me know! 

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