Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Super Secure Digital Card

Q: My school's Nikon D60 SD memory card got broken today. Somehow the grey slider got stuck on "lock" before getting broken off. Now we can't upload the pictures to the computer. What do we do? - V

A: Getting the data off will depend on the card reader. In this case the camera was incorrectly detecting the position of the lock slide and not allowing access to the card. Some card readers that are built into computers do not look for this lock on the card and can access the information regardless of the lock slide position or if it is even present. There is not a way of detecting what kind a reader you have so there has to be a little bit of trial and error. What was unique in this situation was also physical damage to the card casing which can prevent the card from being inserted into a card reader. In this case, careful modification (read: breaking) of the card's casing is - ehem - was necessary to retrieve the data and trick the lock reader.

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